Chlorine is My Perfume

polar-rcx5Hello all.

I have had a hard time staying awake long enough to write any posts.  Training is draining me! I am forcing myself to write this post because I know you want it, but I am just ready to hit the hay…

Training is going really well.  I am swimming, biking and running 6 days a week.  I am sleeping like a lump. I am eating like a clean eating horse. I feel great (right up until about 7:30 at night when I am ready to crash…)

I have 12 weeks until the Try Charleston 70.3.  That doesn’t seem like a lot of time.

hank-swim-2The majority of my focus over the past three weeks has been on the swim.  Swimming is such an interesting discipline. Running and biking are pretty mindless. You put one foot in front of the other or you push down on the pedals to go. Of course there are subtle intricacies that make one person better than another, but swimming is a horse of a different color.

Swimming takes not only finese and a level of skill, it takes the coordination of EVERY part of your existance. Be streamlined in the water, don’t lose power on your stroke, keep your head down, don’t forget to sight, remember to breathe, and don’t panic.  I can do one of those things at a time, but to do them all will take some effort.

Knowing that the swim is my weakest of the three sports, I started swim lessons. I grabbed my floaties and headed to the pool. My coach is really awesome (I haven’t asked her permission to use her name or likeness yet, so I will refrain and just refer to her as My Bowman for now…) When I first got in the pool I resembled a floundering halibut. But after just a couple of weeks of working with a coach, I am swimming at least as well as a slightly fluid dynamic rhinoceros. My Bowman even told me this morning that she was impressed with my intervals.

My triathlon coach, Ian, wants me to do another sprint triathlon as a warm-up for the 70.3 and therefore I have just registered for the Paris Island Sprint Triathlon on March 16th. I feel so good about it.  I think that there will be a good chance that with the improvement to my swim and the fact that I am “actually” training, I should improve on my last time by quite a margin.  I am pretty excited about it.


So that is what I have the energy to put to type this evening.  I would love some feedback from you guys though.

What part of this process are you most interested in? What would you like to see me posting about concerning getting ready for this race?

If you would please leave comments below I will totally take them into consideration in my future posts. If you guys don’t leave any comments then I will just assume that you aren’t interested and I will go to sleep. Just kidding, or am I?

Peace. Love. Pull Bouys.



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