Commitment to Louie’s Kids

One of the things that I have learned as a small business owner is that you have to invest yourself into your business in every way that you can.  This includes your time, your talent, and of course your finances.  If you take a business plan to the bank to get a loan, the bank is going to want you to invest some of your own money (usually 20-30%) so that you have incentive to succeed at what you are doing.  You are less likely to just walk away from it if you have something to lose.  This is called, in layman’s terms, having “skin in the game.”

I had heard of Louie’s Kids and I knew that they were a great organization, so I to put my own skin in the game, I committed to give $5 for every pound that I lost from May until December 15th, 2011 as an investment in myself AND in Louie’s Kids.  I was really hoping to lose 100 pounds in that time and donate $500, but I fell a little short.

I did lose 81 pounds however and I made good on my pledge. The best part was that I had other people who decided that they wanted to help support Louie’s Kids by making their own pledges based on my weight loss.

On January 25th, 2012 I went on the local TV show Lowcountry Live and I presented a check to Louis Yuhasz, the founder of Louie’s Kids, in the amount of $1000. Louis has been a great support to me through my weight loss journey and I have enjoyed working with him and Kevin Adcock from Run Buddies.

Please take the time to check out Louie’s Kids online, and, if you are so moved, please give them your support as well!

I’m still humbled by your mission -and that you have chosen our organization to come along with you on this fight for your life. I believe what you are doing is going to inspire a lot of the children we work with and have worked with for 10 years. Louie’s Kids is in memory of my father, “Big Louie.” Dad weighed 550 lbs when he died, too young at 65. I watched for years as he struggled but managed to get to work everyday for 46 years. As he endured years of taunts, jeers and just mean people he taught us, his three kids, that in spite of what you might be called, or how you might be treated it’s important to endure. I’m glad I have these lessons because it’s endurance I assure you that’s kept us in this game for 10 years.
It’s not easy, the kids we help are the most in need, they’re the kids from Title I schools (50% of Title I school children in the US are overweight or obese). The kids we help have families and communities who unfortunately do not always support their lifestyles -but it’s about empowering them, and for 7 out of 10 it seems to work, those are bad odds when you’re talking about 25 million American children.
Thank you for your support of our organization and trust we’ll be cheering you on every step of this amazing journey. You inspire me.

Humbly and sincerely,
Louis H. Yuhasz-Founder/CEO


Read about Louie’s Kids and Hank on the Low Country Live Website.