I’ll Cross that Bridge When I Get To It

I am in Morehead City, NC for the week visiting the outlaws in-laws. I plan to try and get SOME rest this week, but I doubt it will happen.

I have a lot of crazy things going on and I wanted to knock out a really quick post just to give you guys an update of a few things that are going on. There will be a couple of teasers here that will hopefully have more information posted about them later this week. So here you go.

1) I have decided that if there is an opportunity to run across a bridge near where I am located at any particular time, I am going to try my best to take said opportunity. My in-laws live about three miles from Atlantic Beach. There is a really nice causeway bridge that goes across the Sound. I am going to run across it in the morning. It will be my second bridge run, but not my last. Here is a loverly image of that bridge that I intend to cross once I get to it.

2) I have some really great ideas that I am working on for my BOLW YouTube channel. I have been putting a lot of effort into the Greyson Explains and Us In Real Life channels and I have not had the energy to film and edit anything for my weight loss and fitness channel. That shall soon change. If you are not subscribed to those channels, please do so. You will never regret subscribing to them. You MAY however regret not being an early adopter once I go viral and people start turning into zombies. Wait, what?

3) Happy Father’s Day from Greyson Explains!

4) I have some really awesome news concerning my first triathlon. I don’t want to tell you right now because it is pretty cool and deserves its own post. Also I just know that the anticipation is going to drive you subscribe by email to my blog so that you get notified when I make new posts!

5) See that little icon over there that looks like the Instagram icon? That’s because it is the Instagram icon. You should follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already. Why? Because knowing is half the battle sucka. That’s why.

6) The first rule of fat club is you don’t want to be in the fat club. Fight it.

See you at the finish.
Peace and chicken grease y’all.

UPDATE: Here is my Atlantic Bridge route…

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