Fitbloggin Is Drawing Nigh

Fitbloggin is drawing nigh. And I am drawing something as well. Here is another preview from my slide presentation…

Want to know why weight loss is like a horse with no rider in the desert with a saddlebag full of lettuce and chipmunk pelts?

Come to Fitbloggin to find out.

Can’t make it?

Then pray to whoever you pray to that someone captures what is sure to be the most raucous and well presented Ignite keynote EVER! And then pray that whoever films that one also films my presentation and gives me a copy to post on my YouTube page. Does anyone have a VCR anymore by the way?

I’m looking forward to seeing you shareholders next week in person. If you come up to me and tell me that you are a shareholder then I will have a little gift for you. I’m not just turkey jerkin your chain either. A real eat-able gift, unless you are a veggie or a vegan…Then you just get a hug.

Peace. Love. Spinach.


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