Week 71 – Fitbloggin Week

So last week I was a day late in posting my normal weekly update.

This week I am a day early. Who knows what will happen next week.

So I will be travelling in the morning hours to the City of Brotherly Wind, Baltimore. At least I think that is their motto. Or maybe it is the Charm Cake City or Duff Goldman Present Baltimore. Or Avon Barksdale’s corner (high five if you get that one…) Regardless I arrive in the home of the Ravens and Orioles around 9:30 in the morn. I will then tool around the Inner Harbor area and at noon will go take a tour of the McCormick Spice factory. I was trying to think of a good joke to make here, but they all just seemed tasteless….

After the tour I will be checking into the hotel and then getting my conference on (dollar in the DB jar.)

All of this is being relayed to you so that you will understand that I am not sure if I would have time tomorrow to write my weekly post. Hence. This. And. All.

If you are not following me on Twitter and or Instagram, now would be a great time to do so. That way you can keep up with all of the incredible things I am going to be talking about and taking pictures of. And for those of you that will be AT Fitbloggin, say hey. I will most likely say hey back. And if you ask, I will give you a prize.

Don’t forget that I will be giving a presentation on Friday night at the Ignite Keynote. It is going to be the most awesome presentation ever. Want to see another preview? Too bad. I am going to give one anyway…

My, oh my. What in the world could that be all about. I guess if you are not going to be at my presentation then you will have to wait to here about it later…

So anyway, I plan to learn a lot the conference. Meet a lot of people. Do some exercise. Participate in a Crossfit WOD. Run a 5k. Eat some food. And maybe even some other things. Who knows.

I will try and make a couple of posts from Fitbloggin but I am not going to promise anything. But I love your faces.

Pray for safe travel and I will see you on the flip side.



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