Getting Started on the Treadmill

Hey guys.

First things first. I went to FitMed today and had my fitness assessment. You know, the Resting Metabolic Rate, the VO2Max and the body composition evals. Come on guys, the ones I talked about last week. Ok, now you remember.

Well any-who, they went great and I plan to do a video about the evals and then also do a post on the findings later this week. I hope you can wait that long. If you can’t…well bless your heart.

So I have been threatening for a while to post a video that sort of shows the basics of  how I got started running on the treadmill. It is no longer a threat. Here it is. Let me know that you like it by giving it a thumbs up.

There is one part where I mess up for some reason saying that I walk for 2 minutes then run for a minute and then walk for two minutes. You will see it. It is wrong. But you will get it.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and if you aren’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Peace, love, recycle.

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2 comments to Getting Started on the Treadmill

  • Deb
    Twitter: debslosingit

    Thanks for posting this Hank. I’ve been working on my jogging slowly but surely. I’m at 0.6 miles now, doing it in small blocks. The first time I did that distance I could barely walk for the next few days, but now its much easier. I don’t have a set plan right now, mostly just trying to shorten my rest intervals a little at a time, but I have larger distance goals I am working towards. I’m also thinking about jumping into the C25K program soon, but not absolutely decided yet.

  • Bex
    Twitter: bexlife

    your accent is hypnotizing. I never watch videos this long… good job 😉

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