Ungredient: You Heard It Here First


My wife was talking to me about what to make for dinner tonight.  She said that she had promised the kids that they could make pizzas because they didn’t think I would be there for dinner. Well thanks to Charleston Snow/Icepocolypse 2014 Round 2

A Diamond For Your Heart


Does anyone remember those SNL skits with the guys from Chicago. The Superfans.

They were always sitting around eating large quantities of sah-sages and drinking beer. And then inevitably one of them would end up having a “heart attack.”

So uh, how many heart

Turkashewcot – Snack on This


Have you ever heard of a turducken? It’s a chicken cooked inside of a duck cooked inside of a turkey.

This is NOT a post about a turducken. Just in case you were wondering.

The goal in my daily food consumption is to eat

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Chicken Tacos on the Road


Why would you eat tacos that have been on the road? Eeewwww.

I think that it is so much easier to plan your meals for the week and go shopping and then come home and cook it up and all that jazz, but let’s

Chobani and Gingerzing


I have already posted one blog about a Good Eats Breakfast when I wrote about the Whitey Omelette. I am seemingly obsessed with breakfast. And for a good reason. It is the most important meal of the day right?

As I was writing this

Whole Foods Hot Bar


I have been getting asked pretty often to post more about the types of foods I am eating. I have been meaning to do this, but for some reason I always forget when it comes to writing the post. Well I am going to

The Whitey Omelet

The Whitey Omlette

One of the most difficult food decisions for a lot of people is the question of what to eat for breakfast that is high protein and low calorie. You have heard many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I

Kebabing for Adobo Chicken


Here is a meal that I eat at least twice a month.  It is less than 500 calories and it will fill you the heck up.

The recipe is Chicken Adobo Kebabs and comes from the Eatingwell.com website.

What you see before you is

After Workout Protein


I have had a handful of people ask me if I do any sort of protein shakes or anything supplemental after working out.

The simple answer is yes.

Now let me tell you all about it.

I was turned onto a product called

A New Category – The Good Eats


I have decided to add a new post category to my blog.  I am calling it The Good Eats.

I realize that I have not been all that great about telling you EXACTLY what it is that I am doing to lose weight. I