You Wouldn’t Give a Drug Addict a Cheat Day


I submitted this blog to the Huffington Post but for some reason they decided they didn’t want to run it. Since it was already written, I figured I might as well post it here for you guys to read. Anyone who has followed me

Does Dieting Really Work?


Here I go talking like I know what I am talking about again. Allow me to disclaim the fact that I am not a nutrition, health or exercise expert. As a matter of fact, I am not an expert at anything. Please understand that

I Try Really Hard


I’m feeling a bit emo tonight. Whenever that happens I try and sit down and write because it helps clear the feculence from my cranium. I have been trying to figure out how to pen this exact post because I know what I would like

Zapatos en Costa Rica


Hola mis amigos. En tres dias mas, voy a trabajar a Costa Rica con zapatos nuevos…

Oops. Sorry about that. Estoy practicando for my viaje afuera. I will turn off the Babelfish translate service now and finish en Ingles…

So I am leaving for

Back to Eating


You guys remember last year when I had those metabolic tests done? You know…the resting metabolic rate test, the VO2 max test, and the body composition test.

Well I had new RMR and VO2 max tests done last week.  Interesting results ensued. And a

In The Year of the Snake


Hello my lovely and loyal readers. Did you miss me?

I took a bit of a writing hiatus during the holidays. Yes I could have had some guest posts, but to be brutally honest (because you know I will) I didn’t feel like messing with

3 Tips to Get the Spark Back

I am still in a bit of a writing funk. But I don’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I am going to repost something that you may not have had the chance to read. I think this is apropos and timely.

I wrote this

Ignite Fitness Presentation


So you guys remember how I went to Baltimore several weeks ago for the Fitbloggin Conference and I was an Ignite Fitness presenter?

You don’t? Man. You guys need to pay closer attention.

Well IF you are interested to see my gloriously bearded mug

Guaranteed Weight Loss


Hey folks. Here is what you have been looking for. I am about to write the most epic post about a guaranteed way to lose weight and lose it quickly.

Seriously, I mean lose it fast.

I bet you are sitting there thinking that it

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Healthy Coffee


A few people…ok, only one person… have asked me how I am doing with my Monster energy drink addiction.

I am proud to say that I have not had a Monster energy drink in over 3 weeks.

I think that I am cured off the juice.


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