Leaving the Country

Merry Christmas folks.

I feel like we have so much to discuss.

Christmas was great for me.  We had family (my In-laws) come in and they will be here through the rest of the week. They will actually be staying here at my house whilst my wife and I travel to Honduras.  More on that in a minute.

I have not eaten perfectly over the past week, but I HAVE stayed within my calorie limits. I have also been killing some smoked turkey and butternut squash this holiday season.

Christmas lunch - Smoked turkey, baked butternut squash with cinnamon, steamed broccoli, and home grown collards...

I DID NOT workout on Christmas Day, but I had a killer workout at the gym on Saturday morning. I went for a very Crossfit inspired weight session with some high intensity intervals on a self-propelled treadmill to boot. I hit the free weight squats, overhead presses, pull-ups, push ups and then I did a combo with the barbell where I curled up then went into an overhead press into a behind the head tricep thingy back over head and then curl down. Not sure if it has a name. Maybe I will video it next week and you guys can tell me if it is any good. I sort of made it up on the spot.

Christmas Eve Calorie Inceneration

I have imbibed a few evenings this week as well. If you didn’t know, I am the biggest Dogfish Head beer fan on Earth. I actually have a woodworking blog as well (that hasn’t been updated in a while) that has a list of all of the Dogfish beers I have tried. I want to try them all.

Dogfish Head Theobroma on Christmas Evening

Santa was good to me for sure. The highlights are the Dragon Riff sunglasses that I got…

…and the Camelbak hydration backpack.  I am really happy to be able to go running with this.

Also my sister gave me a custom Christmas tree ornament that is a respectful homage to my alter persona.

So that is how Christmas went down. Lots of peace and joy.

On to the travel…

My wife and I will be heading down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Tuesday morning with a group of 23 folks from our church. Believe it or not, I am the trip leader. Yeah, I know. You don’t have to say it. We will be giving a week of service to an orphanage in the suburb of San Beuna Ventura.

Children at the LAMB Institute orphanage

Now all religious talk aside, serving others is such an awesome experience. <preaching> I suggest each and everyone of you give one week out of the year (at minimum) to serve others in your community, region, or even outside of your sphere of comfort. Serve the unfortunate, serve the widows, serve the orphans, serve the elderly. Just serve someone. It is good for those you are serving and it is good for your heart. You don’t have to be evangelically motivated. Just serve others.  </preaching>

With that being said, I will not have as much (any) control over my diet while I am there (even though I am bringing  A LOT of food with me including turkey jerky, dried apricots and walnuts)  nor will I have the concentrated exercise opportunities that I am able to have under normal circumstances. But I am not letting that stop my progress. I REALLY REALLY hope that I will be able to take some video of the interesting ways in which I am going to try and FIND exercise opportunities while I am there. However, I will tell you that serving the children is my main focus and I WILL NOT sacrifice that for the sake of impressing you with my ability to find interesting ways to burn some cals. I know you guys and I know you understand that. And I appreciate it. But I will try my best to find some fun ways to get in a burn…

So I will not be posting while I am there. I don’t think.  I might post some updates to my Facebook page, so if you aren’t a fan there, please go ahead and “like” it. If you are interested that is. If not, whatevs.

If you ARE the spiritual type, then please be praying for our group, that we will have safe travel and effective and blessed time there. If you ARE NOT a spiritual person then that is ok with me, but just keep us in your thoughts as we are travelling.

Thank you guys for the feedback and support you have given me over the past 34 weeks. It has been awesome.  Keep in mind that when i get back I will be making good on the commitment that I made to Louie’s Kids to help fight childhood obesity. So keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

Thanks guys.

Peace and health in 2012.



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