Mondupdeo. A Word I Invented.

So this is a Mondupdeo (pronounced Mon-dup-deo).

I made that word up. I now own it. If you use it you have to pay me.

It means “Monday Update Video.” I know, it doesn’t seem like that is what it would mean. But I made it up so I can make it mean whatever I want to. So there. And so here…


You know you love looking at my mug. I have such awesome video ideas rolling around in my head. I need a professional videorian or a recordiographer or something. Maybe just some better editing skills. Of you guys just wait. This is the year of MeTube for you…


Make sure to enter the Polar FT40 Giveaway before you go. And also look at some of the stuff fat people do while you are at it…

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