Motivation: Shawn Tyler Weeks

I have known Shawn since he was a Senior in High School.  He is a really talented guy and we had some great adventures writing code and designing websites for folks.  One thing Shawn and I had in common was that we were both severely overweight.

Now don’t fret, he will admit it as well.

Here is a picture of Shawn back around 2004  (I think he is going by Tyler now, but he is still Shawn to me). He was probably pushing 320+ then.  But then about 2 years ago Shawn decided he was tired of being overweight.  He decided to take the bull by the horns, as it were, and started counting calories and exercising on a regular basis.

He started a website call where he would log his weekly weight and would also post about his challenges and successes in his endeavor to lose weight.  Shawn lost over 145 pounds in 17 months by getting his head in the right place, counting calories, and exercising on a regular basis.

I subscribed to his blog and watched his progress for the past two years, all the while I was wishing I could be as brave as Shawn.  I even sign up for an account at in the hopes that I would use it to lose weight with Shawn.  I watched as he dropped weight, gained self-esteem, and changed his entire existence.  I watched on the sidelines.

He has been an incredible motivating factor in my decision to finally jump in head first and make this thing work.  He has taught me that there will be great weeks and not so great weeks.  He has taught me that you do not have to deny yourself every food pleasure, but instead learn to moderate.  He is an inspiration and I plan to follow in his footsteps.

Please take a sec and check his blog out and read about how he lost 145 pounds in 17 months.

And just for a bit more motivation here is a picture of Shawn (Tyler) after losing all of that weight.  How is that for motivation?

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