Ride the Waves

I am a total soul surfer, who doesn’t currently surf.  I want to be a total soul surfer that does.  I dream about surfing.  I watch all of the surf movies.  I know the lingo.  But my body (and my self-doubt) has kept me from getting out in the waves.

When I was in high school my buddy Paul and I went surfing a every now and again.  I really enjoyed getting out there and being surrounded by ocean.  I was never good at it, but I loved it none-the-less.

I always felt like I was too big to really keep my balance, like my center of gravity was too high. That may have been mental, but it kept me from trying too hard.  As I grew larger and larger my self-doubt increased as well as my fear of taking my shirt off in front of people.  It kept me out of the water.

I vowed that I would one day conquer those issues.  But then I gave up because I thought I would always be too heavy to do it.

Well, now that I am bent and determined to lose 100 pounds or more I am more than motivated to re-establish my goal of getting out and catching a wave. Or two.  Or three.

There is a group of guys from my church that go out every Friday morning for dawn patrol.  I plan to join them before the end of summer.

It’s time to drop the Wavy Lays and drop into some killer waves.

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