Week 70 – My Memory is Slipping


It is Friday. I am supposed to post my weekly updates on Thursday.

My excuse?

I totally forgot.

Yeah yeah I know. I shouldn’t make excuses. But seriously. I literally posted a Facebook status update yesterday saying that “Busyness will be the end of me…”

I have been crazy busy getting ready for the conference next week and also hiring a new employee and getting things ready for that transition and catching the tail end of summer surfing and this and that and what not and all.

It made me think about people using busyness as an excuse not to eat well and not to exercise. It made me think about how I USED to do that. It is so easy to get into that rut and lie to yourself. Myself.

Even though I have been busy this week I have hit the gym 3 days and will have run 2 days. I still found time to get those in. I ate well this week, getting in lots of veggies and nutritious foods.

Because it is important.
It is imperative.
You make time for the things that are important to you.

(But sometimes even the things that are important to us get pushed to the side…like this week’s blog post…)

What is important to you? Is it working your butt off? Is it playing with your kids? It is getting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

If you want to know what is important to you, just take a look at the things that you would never skip, miss, or push to the side. You will know the truth. And the truth shall…well, you know.

I finished my slides for my Fitbloggin presentation next week so that is one thing off of my plate.  I will be training our new hire next week, so that will be hectic. But I still plan on hitting the gym and eating right.

What about you?




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5 comments to Week 70 – My Memory is Slipping

  • Love your weekly insights Hank.. So easy to lose sight and let busy get in the way.. Keep at it..

  • DAD

    I find exercise and eating well easy to do because they are fun and mindless. I find it much more difficult to spend time with God everyday.

  • Crystal W.

    If eating well and exercising were easy, fun, and mindless we’d all be doing it and we’d all be as buff as Hank is getting. But since we have a severe obesity epidemic, I think we can safely say that eating well and exercising take some serious mental and physical determination that many of us can’t or don’t sustain.

    Hank, props to you and I hope this comment encourages you rather than takes you down a notch! I’m rooting for you! Keeping lifting people’s motivation with your posts – many of us out here need it.

  • I am trying to learn how to balance a full time job, night class, exercising, and now my new venture into the blogging world. Some days it works, some days I fail miserably. We shall see how it goes.

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