My Ring Has a Boo Boo

My ring has a boo boo?

Ok, so it has been a long day and I wanted to punch this blog post out before hitting the hay.  I couldn’t really think of a better title. So sue me.

My lawyers have informed me that I must disclaim the previous statement with the following:
Please do not bring suit against Mr. Hanna.  He gives in too easily on settlements and he cannot afford another trial.  We are here to defend him, but his mouth my need to seek new counsel. If you are in need of cash from your structured settlement or annuity please call us now.

This post is going to actually be a little bit of a brag post.  I have had a couple of triumphs over the past few weeks and I feel the need to toot my own horn a bit.  (That is my online ego again. I swear I don’t know how it fits through the door…)

Here is what I had to do to my wedding ring this week…

That’s because it started slipping off.  I have actually slung (is that a word? well it is here in Charleston.) it off of my hand several times recently.  Who knew that you had enough weight on your fingers to even lose? I never knew that one of my measurable triumphs would be that I would have to wrap a Hello Kitty (all rights reserved) Band-Aid (all rights reserved) around My Wedding Band (all rights reserved just in case there is a clever group out there playing wedding music…)

Here is something else that I have talked about but I am providing the photo-graphical evidence therein.


Empirical proof that my pants are too big.   Triumph of epic proportions, considering my pants are of epic proportions.

Lastly, let me share something that I did not want to have to share.  If you frequent my blog, you will know that I posted a little diddy about my belt, the formerly named Squeezy II and currently named Struggly. Well seeing as how I have not yet ventured out to purchase a fresh new device with wich to hold up the afore mention shorts, Struggly has yet to retire.  And I am afraid that because of my failure to replace him, I was forced to give him a certain body modification.  I present the punched-through-with-a-pocket-knife-Redneck-belt-eye-modification which I recently forced on Struggly.

Notice how delicately it was placed off center from the original holes.  This is the kind of subtle work I do folks.  A tanner I am not, but a master of improvisation? Quite possibly.

So those are my triumphs for this week (month…(year…(lifetime…))) Can you dig it?

And by the way, my lawyers also asked me to post this.  They must think that I have a following…

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