My Victory So Sweet


My wife told me something the other day that has made me realize that I have won.

If I never lose another pound, I have won.

If I never win another race, I have still won (ok ok I haven’t actually won any races,

The Dam Tri 2013


Talk about a Dam good race.

This race was voted as the best race in the South Carolina Triathlon Series for 2012. And it lived up to Dam expectations. Is that enough Dam jokes? Ok. Dammit.

This race is a special race for a

Charleston County Parks iSUP


So apparently someone at the Charleston County Parks and Rec Department thinks I’m neato.

Lord please let it be Ron Swanson…Please let it be Ron Swanson…

So I just found out that Ron Swanson doesn’t work at Charleston County Parks and Rec. Bummer.


I Try Really Hard


I’m feeling a bit emo tonight. Whenever that happens I try and sit down and write because it helps clear the feculence from my cranium. I have been trying to figure out how to pen this exact post because I know what I would like

2013 North Myrtle Beach Triathlon


Well well well. We find ourselves here, together…again. I hope that your stay is an enjoyable one. Please make yourself at home and feel free to open and check the fridge several times over the next hour to see if anything better has materialized

2013 Langley Pond Sprint Triathlon


I have realized in the past couple of days that my blog has moved from an inspiring weight loss blog to a triathlon race recap blog.  I promise that I am working on some good content that IS NOT a recap of my last

Life Sometimes Gets in the Way


Well guys.  I once again have have fallen off of the blogging grid due to stuff and life and things.

But that don’t mean I’m gone, yo!

So this coming weekend is the first of the last three of my first triathlon season

Charleston Sprint Triathlon Race #4 – 2013


As I said earlier, the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series race number 4 on July, 29 2012 was my first triathlon. I remember crossing the finish line in that race and thinking that I might never walk again…

Fast forward to this year.  I wasn’t

Triathlon Anniversary


Hello Shareholders.

I come to you with the news that life in my house is slowly settling into the newborn routine.  If you are a loyal reader, which might be tough considering I haven’t posted consistently in a while, then you will know that

Ahoy, It’s A Boy


Man oh man. I have spent hours trying to pen this post.  I have started and stopped several times and I have deleted and started over a couple of times as well. If you don’t follow me on Facebook and or Instagram then you may

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