Rode My Bike To Work Today

It was a cool day in Charleston so I rode my bike to work today.  It really isn’t all that far, but it is a calorie burner non-the-less. According to Google Earth it is approximately 1.1 miles. According to some calculations I ran through my abacus, that is equivalent to about 71.5 calories burned, which means, round trip it is 143 calories burned.  Not too bad.  If nothing else, I am getting out and enjoying the air and being active.  It is going to be tough doing this in July and August when the temp out is over 100.

The path from my house to my office.


4 comments to Rode My Bike To Work Today

  • Pam

    Awesome! I love riding my bike, and think of all the calories burning when it’s 100 outside!! umm is there a shower at your office? You might shmell just a little when you get there. haha

  • burning calories, not gas… i like it!

  • Kris

    if you keep at it, you will acclimate to the heat in the summer- I ride to the peninsula and home every day, and while it is hot in july and august, it is bearable- the faster you ride, the more wind in your face 🙂 Keep it up and good luck!

    • hank

      Thanks for the comments Kris. I have lived here all my life and I know that the heat and humidity can never truly be acclimated to! 🙂 But a nice breeze in your face helps!

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