Saucony Giveaway on Instagram

Disclaimer: Saucony provided me with the code that I will be using for this giveaway. The giveaway will be run through Instagram. I am not a representative of either Saucony OR Instagram. I am just a cool guy that likes give away cool stuff.

Awwwww man! Who doesn’t need a new pair of kicks from Saucony? If you don’t then please skip to a previous post

So here is how it will work.

1. Go to Instagram and follow Hank Hanna AND Saucony.

2. Then post (or repost) this image:


3. Make sure in the post to leave a comment using the hashtags #getnewkicks and #findyourstrong as well as tagging @hankhanna and @saucony. I would love to see you tell me in comment form what will happen if you #getnewkicks …

example: “I will run a half marathon for the first time if I #getnewkicks. #findyourstrong @hankhanna @saucony”

If you do not use the tags above your entry will not be accepted. Also your account must NOT be private. If it is private no one can see that you reposted it.

4. You can post up to three times a day and each post will count as an entry into the give away.

5. The winner will be randomly selected from all entrants on December 18th and announced before by 9:00 PM EST.

6. I will announce the winner on Instagram and that person will need to provide me with their email address so that I can send them the necessary information. The winner will be provided a redemption code for a free pair of shoes to use at at checkout. Winner will be responsible to pay shipping costs, but hey! That’s like $8 for a brand new pair of Saucony shoes!

So how you like them apples folks? Don’t say I never did anything nice for you. Or if you do, at least tell my grandma I was nice. She is always so worried that I might lose my Southern chivalrous demeanor for some reason.


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