Extentions Aren’t Only for Your Hair

I am scared to death about being too fat to fly on an airplane.  But I am even more scared of being the guy who had to pay for two seats because he wasn’t too fat to get on the plane but he was way to big to fit into one seat.  I would rather just stay at home.

Ok, so I am not too fat to fly.  And I haven’t had to pay for two seats ever.  But let me tell you what I have ALMOST had to endure.
The dreaded seat belt extender.

I have never had to ask for a seat belt extender on a plane, BUT it isn’t because I didn’t need one.  Different planes have different seats and lengths on their belts.  That being said the majority of them fit around me.  On at least 4 different occasions, however, the belt did not go around me. Here is the kicker though.  Instead of asking for a belt extender, I was able to fool the flight staff.  On all of those occasions I was able to make it LOOK like my seat belt was fastened when it wasn’t.  This is pretty embarrassing to admit.  I was so petrified to tell the flight attendant that my seat belt did not fit that I risked my own safety to avoid it.

Wow.  I am such an idiot.

I have at least two trips planned this year in which I will have to fly.  Before I made the decision to lose weight I even thought about buying an extender so that I would have one and would never have to ask for one.  Now I plan to not even think about it.  All of my trips are scheduled for the fall and winter and by that time I plan to never have to worry about my nemesis, the seat belt extender, ever again.

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  • Mary
    Twitter: oh_mg

    You’ll certainly be able to avoid the extender by fall/winter! Nothing motivates a workout or strengthens resolve against unhealthy foods like the thought of an amazing non-scale victory like that!

    Flying without an extender was one of the greatest NSVs on my journey so far. As a 345 pound person, I hated flying – I only needed a seatbelt extender on certain airlines, but still, there’s always a look from the person next to you who’s exasperated at the idea that they’re stuck next to someone who might encroach on their armrest. So I started taking the train – a 2 hour flight from Chicago to Connecticut became a nearly 24 hour train ride. And it was absolutely miserable – like a punishment for the crime of my being obese.

  • someone

    You have no idea. I am over 400 LBS and have to fly for my work. I personally buy the extra seat next to the one i booked for my work flight. i have “acquired” an extender after having to ask for one a couple of times. funny that the flight attendants don’t check for them after the flight. i always worry that the TSA security will ask me about “my” extender when i put my carry-on through the x-ray machine. Also, im pretty sure these new whole body scanners that are being used in the airports cannot see through my fat enough to clear me. i get patted down nearly EVERY time i fly since these have gone into use. i am where you are mentally when you started this blog. i am ready to make a change, once and for all.

    • hank

      I can tell you that the first step is to stop being anonymous. If you let people know that you want to make a change then they can help! Let’s do this!

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