So What is the Plan to Lose Weight?

So you probably want to know how I plan to ACTUALLY lose the weight.

I think losing the weight is the easy part.  It is the mental preparation and motivation that holds most people up.  Losing weight is as simple as watching what you eat and exercising on a regular basis.  Sounds completely simple, right?

Then why do so many, including myself, fail?

I will not speak for others, but I know that the reason that I have failed in the past is that I was not motivated enough.  I did not take seriously the fact that I was growing larger and larger on a daily basis.  I did not WANT to exercise. I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted.  I thought I was invincible. Invincible until someone made a comment about my weight.  Then I got down on myself, which often led to (still leads to) emotional binging.

I have been working for the past two weeks on both my mental plan and my physical plan. Here is what it boils down to:

1. No more than 1900 calories per day
2. Spreading my caloric intake over the day and not blowing them all on one or two meals
3. Eating healthy foods and limiting sugar and refined carbs (white bread, white rice, white flour products, etc)
4. Cardiovascular exercise 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 mins

I have found calculators that tell you how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis based on your age, height, weight, lifestyle, etc.   This is called your basal metabolic rate.  They say that I should eat 3000 calories per day to maintain my weight.  Well I don’t want to maintain this weight, I want to lose it.  So I am going to be on a 1900 calorie per day limit for the next year.  I have been doing that for the past week and have found that as long as I pay attention, it manageable to stay at or below that limit.

I am using a food diary on a website called to help me track my calories.  This is where the mental game kicks in.  I HAVE GOT TO BE HONEST AND CONSISTENT in logging my calories and I have to work to make sure that I do not consume them all in one or two meals.  I also have been and will be avoiding sugar and refined carbs.

Lastly, and this is a big one when it comes to losing weight, I will need to be consistent in my exercise.  I will be hitting the treadmill for a minimum of 30 minutes, 4-5 times per week.  According to my ability so far, and the unreliable “calories burned” ticker on the treadmill, I will be burning between 300-350 calories whenever I run.

These are going to be my initial methods to losing weight.  My first goal will be to break the 300 pound mark.  Once I do that I will start adjusting my methods (ie. adding strength training, weights, etc.) I will post more specifically about each of these periodically so please stay tuned.

What do you think? Is this a plan that will work?

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8 comments to So What is the Plan to Lose Weight?

  • joyce

    I’m proud of you HANKLIN, you’re gonna do great, I know you will! You’re a motivation to so many people already! – Joyce

    • hank

      Thanks Joyce! I appreciate it. I think Danny is having fun with me trying to figure out where to eat and what is best for us. I appreciate his support too!

  • crystal

    I think it is a plan that will work! I have some tips that you may or may not be interested in. I’ll list them and you can read up about them and see how you feel about them. I’m by no means an expert of course!

    – Make sure the calorie tracking site you use is accessible and handy via smart phone. Also make sure that it’s convenient to use and that it won’t frustrate you into not wanting to use it. I went through 4 and am still not entirely happy with the droid app I use, but I do like the barcode scanning feature.

    – 1900 is low enough that you will likely lose 20 – 30 pounds and then stall. A body that needs 3000 kcals to maintain freaks out when it’s only fed 1900. Freaking out (with my body, at least) leads to stalls… long periods of time where you’re not eating enough to maintain your weight yet magically not losing any weight either. Very frustrating and it’s a recipe for wanting to quit a diet! My nutritionist recommends alternating days. One day you eat 2400 kcals, the next day you eat 2000, then back to 2400, etc. Then when you’ve lost a significant amount of weight (say, every 25 lbs.) you reevaluate your caloric needs. You may then want to switch to 2000 and 2300, for example.

    – Re: exercise… really try to find something you like. If you hate the treadmill, you’re not likely to be able to force yourself to do it 2 – 3 hours a week. Walking with Scout, jumping rope, riding a bike… whatever you can do and enjoy. Then you can save the dreaded treadmill for rainy days or days when it’s over 100! 🙂

    – PROTEIN… Eat 100 g per day. Yes, that’s not a typo. Then you can lose weight without losing muscle. Muscle helps you lose more weight as you know! GNC has protein shakes called perfect protein that have 50 g of protein per shake. 300 cals. I make mine with soy milk for 8 g more protein. Cutting out sugar and carbs is a good idea, but even more important is getting in your protein. Good foods to add to your repertoire: tuna, cottage cheese, soy milk, yogurt, any seafood really, turkey jerky or ostrich jerky, chicken, almonds, walnuts, and my personal favorite: Justin’s nut butter (almond butter).

    – Travel: The thing that catches me is if I’m traveling or at work and have nothing to eat. In this situation, I either eat nothing all day at work (bad) or eat the wrong thing (usually while traveling). The thing that helps me combat this is always having food with me. In my purse, you will find a single-serve packet of protein powder, ostrich jerky, and at least 3 protein bars at any given time. At work, I have protein bars, protein cereal, almonds, etc. That saves me from not eating anything, which is always one of the things that makes me stall out. Not eating all day and then putting all your calories into dinner just ruins your metabolism, so I try hard not to do that.

    – Vitamins: get a good multi-vitamin and a b12 supplement and make it part of your routine to take every day. When we eat poorly for a long time, we have a lot of nutritional deficiencies that sap our energy. This really helped me. I also take iron, but I think that’s more important for women.

    At any rate, I think all of this is great and I can’t wait to watch your successes. You will feel better! The craziest thing for me is not the lost weight, but the lost worries. Being able to do things without worrying what people are thinking or if the clothes will fit, etc. etc. is a bizarre experience. You will love it.

    • hank

      Thanks Cry. I think these are all great pieces of advice. Consider them entered into my mental database. As for the 1900 calories, that is a short term thing to help shed a good deal quickly. I have a plan that once I reach my first milestone I will be readjusting the caloric intake.

      Where do you get turkey and ostrich jerky?

  • Trey

    What’s up Hank – I will add one tip, which I will admit up front I have never actually done regularly: Try finding a workout partner.

    As you have noted, motivation is a big issue with working out for a lot of people. There is always something else you’d rather do and/or need to do. Having a partner can give you some additional accountability. It also can make working out more pleasant (even fun?). Finally, it can be an extra incentive to push yourself a little harder (maybe not the best idea when you’re starting out, but it can keep you from falling into a rut later on).

    Oh, and here’s a tip on the dietary side (that I actually have practiced) – plan to try out a bunch of new foods, and accept up front that some of them will be a little weird. It is a fair tradeoff for discovering healthier options that you actually enjoy (or can learn to enjoy).

    I drink a protein shake for breakfast several times a week. The flavors are advertised as chocolate and cappacino. Does the “chocolate shake” actually taste like a chocolate shake? Hell no. But it is tolerable – once I got used to it, even mildly enjoyable.

    On the other hand, I discovered a chipotle black bean burger that I really like. (It’s still high in sodium b/c it’s frozen, but at least it’s not red meat.) I’ve had some awesome fruit plates and salads with produce from the delivery service we subscribe to. Nuts are a good snack (insert joke here). And I know you love seafood, which gives you a good start, since there are probably any number of ways to prepare it that are healthy and delicious.

    Oh yeah, and one MORE thing, which you may already do, but I’ll mention it b/c it’s a relatively easy one: Learn to love water. Drink it with most meals instead of soda or whatever. But still don’t drink light beer. That’s just crazy.

  • crystal

    Trey’s got a good point about drinks. I switched to drinking only water 99% of the time and saved countless calories. Even when I ditched coke for diet coke, I didn’t lose weight. The sweeteners in diet drinks raise your blood sugar and make you crave sweet foods. (The only fake sweetener that doesn’t raise blood sugar is truvia/ stevia).

    • hank

      Yeah I have been on 99% water for a while now. It has gotten to the point where I prefer it to other methods of thirst removal. However, there are those times when water just doesn’t cut it…
      I will be making a post about that in the next few days. Thanks Cry!

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