Social Media Helped Me Lose Weight

Hello shareholders.

Did you know that social media can help you lose weight?
It’s true. I am a living testament.

When I decided to run my weight loss like I run a business, I knew that I would have to tell as many people as possible about my effort. I mean seriously, what good is a business that no one has ever heard of?

Did you ever hear about World’s Best Cola? No? Me either. I guess their business model didn’t include brand recognition and PR.

My goal in this weight loss adventure is to go tell it on the mountain. I want everyone to know about it. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want to get as many followers on Twitter and Facebook as I can and as many people as are willing to subscribe by email or RSS feed. The more people that were see my posts, the more feedback I get and the more accountability I have. The more accountability means the greater chances of success.

When the journey began the only people who really knew about everything were my Facebook friends (some of them anyway.) As my journey progressed, I was followed by more and more people and more and more people started giving me feedback. I started hearing how inspirational my journey was. I started getting advice and tips. I started getting encouragement. Where I had been previously afraid of even talking about my weight, I was having frank and open discussions about it.  All of the encouragement and advice and inspiration from others and all of it have helped me stay on task, learn more about fitness, figure out healthy foods, and lose serious amounts of weight.

I DO NOT think that I could have done it without social media.

Check out these tips on how to use social media to accomplish your goals…

1.Gain Knowledge
There are so many highly qualified people using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms to spread their knowledge to the masses. Learn from these people.

2. Find Inspiration
You think you are the only person in the World who wants to lose weight, learn to run, get fit, etc…? Yeah right! Seek out other people who are in the same boat as you. They are everywhere. And they are awesome. Let them inspire you.

3. Open up the Gates of Dialogue
Talk to all of these people. The pros, the amateurs, the ones who are doing and the ones who want to do. The more you talk to people the more community you will build. This is THE key to using social media to reach your goals. You want to make friends.

4. Build Community not Me-munity
Remember that the World is not just about YOU. Being a part of a community is a two way street. If you are only posting trying to get people to follow you or you only ever talk about yourself then you are failing at building community. If you want people to be there to help encourage and inspire you, then you should be there to help inspire and encourage others as well. Engage people like you would at a normal social gathering. Be real.

5. Be A Leader not a Follower
A lot of people get too worried about their follow or subscriber counts. What they should be worried about is the quality of their subscribers and followers. I would rather have 1000 loyal followers who interact than 10,000 spammy or fake accounts who never ever engage. If you post quality content and interact with people like a normal human would face-to-face then you will build the type of following that really matters.

Are you looking to get started on a weight loss journey? What about improve your fitness or start running or whatever?  I can’t encourage you enough to use social media to help you reach your goals.

If you are an avid reader of this blog, but have not yet connected socially, please take a moment to do so below. There is a lot of interaction that I have outside of this blog and I would hate for you to miss out on the fun!

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And lastly, please subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Thanks to all of my loyal readers and followers who have been engaging recently instead of hiding in the recesses of the inerwebz shadow. I love hearing from people so please continue to step out and interact. It is great for all of us!

Capere vitam testiculos.
(UPDATE: It is supposed to translate “Grab Life by the Sack…” It might not though…)




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18 comments to Social Media Helped Me Lose Weight

  • Scott @ Your Inner Skinny
    Twitter: yourinnerskinny

    Dude. Those are some great tips! And can I tell you that social media may not have helped me lose my first 110lbs, but it’s sure as hell helped keep me accountable. I’m not sure I’d be who I am today without it.

    Keep up the awesome!

  • KymberlyFunFit
    Twitter: KymberlyFunFit

    As always, I enjoy your honesty, humor, and heart! Three “h’s” in one sentence. That’s in honor of Hank Hanna’s favorite consonant. I tried to follow you on Instagram but the dang app kept locking me out. Kind of like junior high….. Ha haa

    By the way, Fellow FFA Rebecca Regnier did a whole book about how she tweeted her way to weight loss. We interviewed her on our our radio show about it too. Shows you are spot on HH Dude!

  • AlexandraFunFit
    Twitter: AlexandraFunFit

    What does that Latin expression mean – put caper vitamins on your testicles?

  • Brad
    Twitter: bradgouthro

    Love the insight, “run my weight loss like I run a business”.

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List
    Twitter: lindsays_list

    I’m with Brad! You should trademark that quote!!

  • Cat @ Breakfast to Bed
    Twitter: CatTBowen

    I’m with Alexandra, why do you want caper vitamins on your manbits?

  • Cat @ Breakfast to Bed
    Twitter: CatTBowen

    for some reason my twitter got autofilled….I am DIFFERENT now!

  • Lisa
    Twitter: lisaeirene

    I love the community of the healthy living twitter universe! It’s very supportive and encouraging.

  • Courtney Boell
    Twitter: breedlovehoops

    Excellent advice for anyone looking for a support system. Your Latin phrase puzzles me.

  • Jodi @ Jodi, Fat or Not
    Twitter: Jodeexi

    This is great! I definitely owe a lot of my success to being inspired by other bloggers. The community of weight loss bloggers and healthy living bloggers absolutely keeps me going.

  • Amanda@RunToTheFinish
    Twitter: runtothefinish

    are you sure the world isn’t totally about me?? I mean i”m an only child so if this is true it really changes things 🙂

    I try very hard when thinking about what I post to find things that aren’t just a here’s my life but here’s what i learned what has everyone else learned. so many amazing tips have come my way from blogging that I know i’m healthier for it

  • Angie @ Losing It and Loving It
    Twitter: angienewton

    Good stuff! I totally agree with your tips.

    I’m always telling people though that even though I have a weight loss blog, Facebook fitness accountability page, etc. that although I like to help inspire people by sharing my journey, I also NEED to be inspired by others. Social media has done that for me too.

    And lately with my personal struggles, it’s been extremely important to me to keep motivated by following others successes.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us inspired.

  • Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane
    Twitter: HitTheRoadJane

    haha I’m an only child too Amanda. Yes we do learn to share and play nice with others eventually 😉 Great tips. I’ve found that seeking like minded people has helped inspire me and kept me accountable towards my fitness goals.

  • Stefanie @TheNewHealthy
    Twitter: TheNewHealthy

    Great tips! Social media absolutely helped in my weight loss as well. It also keeps me accountable as I maintain that loss!

  • Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run
    Twitter: livelovenrun

    I never ever would have set the goals I have set for myself without the influence of those I know through social media. It was harder for me to get people I know personally to get on board with what I wanted to do for myself, so I turned to blogging. Now that I’m moving along, reaching goals, and finding the time to be healthy…people I know personally are finally on board. What’s absolutely BRILLIANT about all of this is that no matter how hard we’re all pushing, no matter how many times we see setbacks, we’re inspiring to each other. It’s never a one-way street here. It’s completely mutual.

  • PavementRunner
    Twitter: PavementRunner

    Rock star status bro! Social Media totally plays a role in my running as well. During a race when I’m struggling… because it’s bound to happen… I think about how the ppl on twitter or facebook are wishing me luck. It helps. And I’m glad it is helping you as well.

  • Janice @ Fitness Cheerleader
    Twitter: fitcheerldr

    Social media definitely keeps me accountable. Great job there hank – you rock!!

  • Kim @ Coffee Pot Chronicles
    Twitter: kimulmanis

    You’ve convinced me to join you! I found you via the FitFluential Weight Loss group. Clearly there are some truly awesome folks there. How cool is that?!

    Looking forward to following your journey and cheering your continued success!

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