Stuff Fat People Do: Hide in the Ride or Dos Cup

This is two posts in one, because both of them happen in the car.

I am sure that non-fat people (might) do this as well, but I KNOW us biggins do it.  Sometimes self-control goes out the window, right? There are certain things that I know for a fact I should not be eating.  Things that are so full of sugar or fat that the mere look at the nutrition info makes you gain weight. But who thinks about the nutrition when you want a snack right? The things that tempt me are bacon egg and cheese biscuits, smores pop-tarts, Krispy Kreme and kit kats.  Sometimes I will stop in and get one, or two, of these items, eat them in the car, and then throw away the wrapper before I get home so that no one knows I ate it.  You have done it too, don’t lie.

The other thing, and this one is even sillier, is that sometimes I have been known to go to a fast food place and order enough food for two people.  I start to get worried that the cashier will judge me when I pull around and it is just me, so I will order two drinks.  That way they think I am ordering for two.  This is something that fat people do folks. The shame.

Well don’t worry, I won’t ever be doing the second one again.  I am not promising anything about the first…

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5 comments to Stuff Fat People Do: Hide in the Ride or Dos Cup

  • Deetz

    I have been guilty of the whole eating it in the car thing… I am currently trying to figure out when I can go to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt. It has to be before Sunday so I will get extra points on my Menchie’s “smileage” card… It’s easier when I have Greyson in the car because then I can go “for her”.

  • Danielle Green
    Twitter: danigirl42

    I admit it – I’ve been known to eat in the Wendy’s parking lot. The trash never comes back with me. I’ve also been known to throw out fast food trash in the outside trashcans so my husband is less likely to notice it.

  • A couple times a month, I play poker late into the night. There is a 24hour McDonalds right by my house. I had made a tradition of eating a full meal around 2am. My meal of choice? A double 1/4 pounder, no onions, add mayo, super-sized fry (extra mayo for dipping) and Sprite …maybe add a shake or apple pie. I’m gonna guess it was a 2,000,000,000 calorie snack.

    • hank

      Mickey D’s after a late night concert has been a tough temptation to pass up for me. I have been known to grab 2 double cheese burgers, 2 apple pies and a Dr Pepper. It makes it tougher that it is a cheap get away.

  • Jennifer

    Haha wow I do both of those, or should I say, I used to do both of those. Trying to eat better but its hard to when junk food taste so good.

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