Stuff Fat People Do: The Knee Stretch

In this category I am going to post humorous little things that I (or others) have done that “normal” weight people probably don’t do.

This post is about something that I do on a regular basis.  I call it the “Knee Stretch,” also known as the Fat-Man-Shirt-Adjustment.  Sometimes after a new shirt has been washed, it may shrink a little. Well that is what I tell myself anyway.  I am sure it has nothing to do with me not-shrinking. Now to that I think about it, I have to do this on shirts I have had for a while.  Hmmm.

Ok, so anyway, here is the technique. You put your shirt on. It feels a little snug. You just pull it out and stick your knee up in there and then streeeeeeetttccchhhhh it out.  That way it feels like it fits better.  Nevermind that you now have a weird wrinkle in your shirt that same size as your knee.  And also nvermind that a shirt will only give so much and you are bound to rip holes in your arm pits from trying to stretch them out too much.  (Yes wifey, now you know the truth behind why most of my shirts rip at the armpit.)

Well I am banking on the fact that I will get to a point where I never have to do this again.

Please raise your hand if you (or someone you know) has used this method before…

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