That Sinking Feeling

Ever get that sinking feeling?

Ever have that dream where you are falling, falling, falling only to wake up with a sudden jerk?

Ever get that sinking feeling while you are having that dream, only to wake up and realize that because you are so heavy there is a divot in the shape of your body in your bed?

I have.

Bed is my sanctuary. It is where I go when I need rest and I have made it the most comfortable place on Earth. I have a pillow top king with lots of pillows for hugging and supporting my noggin.

But here is what I have noticed recently. The bed has a divot where I sleep. As in my fat a$$ has put a sink hole in the mattress. So that feeling I have been getting like my bed is hugging me is really just me sinking into it? wow.

I have been reduced to spinning the mattress every 45 days or so just to give the mattress time to recover from my weight. That means the wifey has to sleep in the divot for the first few nights after a turning, until it sort of re-inflates.  She is thankful once the mattress takes on its original form.

So motivation for me to lose weight is having my bed stop groaning under the pressure of my slumber.

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