The Business of Getting Back to Business

Ok folks.

I am feeling a bit better now that I have had some time off. But I am also feeling a bit bloated. I know that I weigh more right now than I did the last time i weighed in. I would be a liar if I said I hadn’t stepped on the scale during my weigh in hiatus. So let’s discuss this a bit.

I weigh more than I did at week 54.  How much more? Well I haven’t “officially” weighed in since week 54 so I am not sure at this very moment, but it is a good bit more I am willing to wager.

But Hank! You ran a triathlon a couple of weeks ago and you have been running and doing KettleHell class like it is going out of style. What gives?

Good question.

I am really not sure. I have not lost any significant amount of weight now in several months. I have been exercising like a mad man. I have been eating well. I have NOT been tracking my food, but I have a fairly good grasp on what I have been eating and I know that I have been well within my limits.

If you will remember several months ago I went to a sports medicine facility and had some metabolic and athletic tests done. They gave me some good indicators as to how to manage my weight and efficiently lose. But for some reason, it hasn’t worked.

I KNOW for a fact that I have put on some muscle from my strength training. I can feel it in my arms, shoulders, and core and I can also see it in my upper body.

But I just can’t for the life of me believe that I have countered any fat loss with muscle gain so that I have broken even or actually gained weight.

Do my clothes fit? Yes. But I haven’t lost any sizes in more than 3 months. Do I feel stronger and more athletic? Yes. But I feel fat still and when I look in the mirror I still see myself as fat.

I am not happy about this.

So instead of complaining, I plan to do something about it. It is time to get back to business.

Over the next several weeks I plan to seek out some more professional help in trying to figure a few things out. I have some thoughts, that I do not want to conjecture on just yet, about some health issues that might be holding me back. I am going to look into that as well. But I plan to figure this thing out. I want to go to Fitbloggin feeling good.

I also plan to be a little more deliberate in my writing. I hope to set a schedule where I am posting at least 4 times a week. I plan to cover four topics on a regular basis: Weight Loss, Burning Calories, Stock Report/Weigh In, and at least one post a week that delves into motivating and educating you guys on losing weight and getting healthy.

So, if you read this far down, do me a favor.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

I love you guys. Thanks for hanging with me on this journey. It is a long tough road but we know the way and we just have to keep moving…




13 comments to The Business of Getting Back to Business

  • Wee Wifey

    I think you should post pics in your new beast shirt.

  • Rachel

    How is it going without the “monster” caffeine drinks?

  • Katrin
    Twitter: gogoggygo

    It sounds like you have a great plan to get back in the groove. I myself have been finding it tough this summer to be get into a good routine, but I will get there and eventually get to goal weight. I enjoy reading your blog.

  • Amy Glenn

    I have hit stasis too for the last couple of months. I changed up my workout as it seems my body may just be accustomed to the same old thing. I’m already starting to see the scale moving back in the right direction. My next step is to do a meal replacement shake like Shakeology’s. But so far so good.

  • Coco
    Twitter: got2run4me

    Switching up workouts is a great idea. I also suggest a realitiy check on portion sizes. Sometimes those creep up without you noticing. Or, eating out always brings hidden calories. I hope to see you at Fitbloggin!

  • Christie

    Nutra Sweet? I’ve heard that it can stall weight loss. I know on Weight Watchers I hit a plateau, and I had to start varying my points each day. It was called the Wendy Plan. It sort of shook my body up and started the weight loss again. I had fallen into a rut of eating 18 points every day and I think my body just got too used to it. Good luck! It sucks to do everything right and not see the results you’d like 🙁

  • Curlsz
    Twitter: curlsz

    Recently I read The Science of Slim, a favorite fitness blogger Lisa Johnson has promoted it. It follows many of the same principles as paleo or primal. Lots of non starch veges and protein, but the why is what I found interesting, it goes into how your body handles and stores fat from various types of food. I was already eating this way to a 90% degree but this pushed me over, so far it’s working and it will be something I can stick with forever. I would say if you are working out, then it’s likely food. There is some kind of imbalance or foods that are creating more fat or not allowing your body to burn existing fat, pure speculation of course.

  • Log your food!! I’ve been through this and continue to go through it. It’s amazing how I can lie to myself about really “staying within my limits” when I’m not logging. All the sudden a bite here and a bite there doesn’t count. 2 years ago, I ran a full marathon and gained 8 pounds. With such intense training I convinced myself that my body needed to eat and comopletely overdid it. It’s just proof that this process really is at least 80 percent nutrition. Logging your food will get you back to the basics! Also, get Kyle to do your Resting Metabolic Rate. It’s very possible that “your limits” have changed. When you transform from a fat person (hate using that word, but I mean it in terms of body fat) to a fit person, you need to fuel your body differently. I used to eat 1450 calories for weight loss and now I need to eat 2000 calories for weight loss. Do the test and make sure that your metabolism has not shifted and you are eating the right amount. Wouldn’t it be fun if you needed to eat more?!?!?

  • Fancy Nancy
    Twitter: lilfancynancy

    It sounds like you have a strong plan in place to get yourself back on track. That is the key really…recognizing that you are off track and making the changes to get back on! Make sure you log your food…this has really helped me especially if you aren’t feeling well. There may be a connection! The plan for your blog sounds great too!!

  • Paula

    Hank, thank you for your honesty. It’s inspiring that you keep trying even when you hit these frustrating obstacles. It’s actually more inspiring to me than if you’d had a perfectly downward curve on your weight loss, because it shows me I can be imperfect and still persevere instead of using it as an excuse to give up. I agree with the other comments: log your food, weigh and measure it at least for a few days to make sure you’re eating what you think you’re eating. But I still think you’re doing great work, and I love reading your posts, even when they’re not good news. Please don’t be discouraged! This is part of the story too.

  • hannah

    “But I feel fat still and when I look in the mirror I still see myself as fat.” this struck a cord…last year when i lost a lot of weight i would look at myself in the mirror & think i look so skinny…then one day i looked in the mirror & thought ugh, i’ve put on weight…got on the scale & realized nope i weighed the exact same…@ that point it clicked my brain reset what i look like “fat”…kind of realized how warped our view of our bodies are…like i’m so conditioned to criticize my weight & the way i look even when i’ve achieved a goal it’s turns out not to be good enough….so keep up the good fight & maybe talk to someone about body image….

  • DAD

    Put on more steam!

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