Week 59 – The Joy of Life

This is week 3 of my hiatus from the scale (or is it week 4?). Next week maybe the last. It may not be. I am not really as worried about it as I once was. What do you guys think?

I have been on somewhat of a vacation this week. The fam and I are chillin (sweating) in the great little town of Morehead City, NC. If you will remember from my previous post, I had a plan to run from MHC to Atlantic Beach by way of the Atlantic Beach Causeway bridge. Check that off the list. It was the longest run I have actually ever done. The outside temp was perfect (hot) and there was a little bit of a breeze (gale force) and therefore all conditions were perfect (wanted to quit after about 4.5 miles.) I made that particular run (Kessel) in an hour and 10 minutes (less than 12 parsecs.)

Here is picture proof that I am a man who does what he says he will…

I can’t wait to conquer the next bridge…

I have been pretty active this week even for being on vacay (it is hard for me to classify going to the beach and hanging out in the surf in a different town a “vacation” when it only differs slightly from my normal routine…) I guess that not having to run the Cooper River Bridge or go to my Kettle Hell class is what REALLY makes this a vacation.

But enough about how awesome I am.  Let’s talk about how awesome life is.

Being the biggest guy in the room, the one who was so fat that I broke chairs, really used to put a damper on a lot of the activities that I always wanted to do.  There was one time when I rented a stand up paddle board (it was only last year) and I could not use it because it sank under my weight (even though the guy who rented it to me assured me that it would float me.)

(I just realized how parenthetical this post is. (Sorry) But not really.)

Stand up paddle boarding has become a huge recreational activity here in the Carolinas and probably in other areas with bodies of water (I only live in the Carolinas so I cannot speak to the recreational activities of other States (parenthetically speaking of course.)) It is something that I have wanted to do since I first found out about it. Like surfing, I was highly disappointed that my weight kept me from being able to enjoy it.

But that has changed.

This is a picture from this past Tuesday of me paddling in Core Sound. I never fell and I didn’t eve come close to sinking the board. I was beyond ecstatic. It is an amazing feeling to be able to overcome my weight problem to enjoy an activity that I longed to do.

Losing weight has given me opportunities that were once denied me. I get to surf now. I get to paddle board now. I can’t wait to go back to Disney World and ride EVERY SINGLE RIDE THERE. And I am less afraid of sitting in plastic chairs now (but only slightly… those things are still iffy and I am no small man.)

Being able to get out and enjoy life the way I want to might just be the BEST part about losing weight and getting fit. I know that there are many of you out there who are being held back from living your life to the utmost full because of your weight. I do not know how to tell you any more emphatically that it is so worth it to shed the pounds. It may not be as obvious as surviving a near death experience, but the result can be the same. I am seeing life in new ways. And you guys know that I still have a lot more weight that I want to lose! It is so awesome to know that I am, on a daily basis, increasing my ability to live life to its fullest.

What is it that you are being kept from doing because of your weight? Why not set that as a motivational goal and start working towards  getting in shape to do it? It can be done. And when it is, it feels amazing!

Let me leave you today with one last challenge. As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was encouraged to start a Pinterest board that showed activities on my “Fitness Bucket List.”  Why don’t you do the same? And look at it often. And then stop dreaming about doing those things, and start doing them!


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