The Triumph of A (Quasi)New Shirt

A couple of months ago I bought some new shirts from a local retail establishment that just happened to provide shirts for us of the larger persuasion.

Translation: This store had shirts for hefties.

I tried one shirt on and knew that it fit so I bought three of the same shirts in different colors.  It was not until a few days later that I went to put one on before leaving the house that I noticed that even though it was on a XXXL hanger it was actually an XXL shirt.  The way I figured it out, by the way, was that it would not button across my belly.  That f-ing sucks I thought. Sometimes I speak really lewdly in my head. I was not in the mood to return the shirt, nor did I want to have to explain to the customer service person that “I like the shirt, but this is sized elephant, and I really need size whale.” So I did what I have done several times in my life when I have bought clothes that do not fit.  I put it in my closet and thought, “Meh. I will lose enough weight to wear it one day.”  I have at least 6 shirts in my closet that are there for that reason.

Well all of that set up is to say that this past week I got a wild hair and tried the shirt on. I knew that I had lost a couple of pounds and I figured I might as well try it.  It is a nice shirt after all.

Low and behold! It fit!  What a triumph for me.  I was so proud that I have worn it everyday since and I do not plan to take it off until it falls off.  Well ok, not really.

(But I did wear it yesterday to work, and then I changed back into it before my daughter’s birthday party today. It doesn’t smell. So what! I am proud, so sue me!)

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