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Me and Jason after my first triathlon

So when I did my first triathlon this past summer, I worked with my buddy Jason (the guy who got me into this whole mess…) on the basic and fundamental things that I needed to know in order to do a sprint triathlon. Did you know that they call it that because the elite guys basically use it as a warm up? So he told me what I needed to do and he worked with me several times, but training was up to me. And I did a pretty darn good job of NOT training very well.

Although I had a great race, I know I could have done better if I had trained harder. Finishing was awesome, but having my legs give out as soon as I got off the bike would not have happened if I had done things the right way. So going into an endurance triathlon like the Try Charleston 70.3, I know I am going to HAVE to train hard and have discipline. There is no skating by on this one.

I have a great group of friends who I am going to get to train with, but they are all training themselves for this race as well. I cannot expect any of them to scale back on their own routines to train me. I know I am going to need professional help if I want to finish this race.

You guys have heard me talk about Kyle, the EcoCross (KettleHell) and indoor cycling instructor, from my gym Eco Fitness. Well I really value his guidance and direction and he has been working with me for almost a year in strength training and cycling. He has ALWAYS made me feel like he cares about my health, nutrition, safety, and well-being. I knew that he would point me in the right direction.

Little did I know that the right direction was someone who I sort of already knew by sight and reputation. Kyle told me that there was a great coach right there at the gym. Allow me to introduce Ian Blake…


Ian Blake, personal trainer – public badass

Ian is a personal trainer at my gym. I knew that he did triathlons, but I did not know that he trained others for them as well. As a matter of fact, Ian was the WINNER of the sprint tri that I did this summer. I saw him there and thought, “Hey that guy goes to my gym…”

Also, let me be very frank (I am assuming he is going to read this at some point so I hope he is ok with this…) He is someone at the gym who I have been intimidated by for quite a while. I had this really stupid thought in my head that if he ever found out that I was interested in triathlons that he would look at me and my physique and think that I was an idiot. I even asked Kyle, before I ever talked to Ian, if he thought Ian would work with someone like me. I thought that he seemed like someone who would want to train WINNERS not just FINISHERS. Man I have issues.

I hope he will accept this public apology for me thinking that way. When I met up with him for our initial consult, I could tell that he was really excited that I was interested in racing multi-sport. He told me that I could do this and that he would help me.

So now he is my triathlon coach.


This is Ian winning the sprint triathlon that I ran this summer.

With his help, I will finish this 70.3 race and get that freakin race bling I have been craving.

Are you guys interested in keeping tabs on my training schedule? You are? Great!
I have set up my triathlon training schedule on a new page and that way you can see how Ian is going to be kicking my tail into gear. Currently I only have the first week scheduled, but I will be updating it as often as he updates me.

Lastly, I made the HUGE-ACE mistake of referring to my first week of training as “an easy week…” I am so sore and beat up I can barely write this post and it is only Monday…

Beastface Fat-Assassin, out.


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