Ungredient: You Heard It Here First

My wife was talking to me about what to make for dinner tonight.  She said that she had promised the kids that they could make pizzas because they didn’t think I would be there for dinner. Well thanks to Charleston Snow/Icepocolypse 2014 Round 2 it looks like I will most likely be home for dinner.

I asked the wife about the possibility of making a homemade pizza with a cauliflower crust. Or maybe some other form of crust that doesn’t use “ungredients.”

“Ungredients?” she asked me. “Did you just make that word up?” “Ummm, maybe…”

Well I didn’t think that I had, but after further research on the Googlewebz, it would seem that no one IS using this word.

I think it is HIGH TIME we start.

Allow me to define it for you:

Ungredient: [uhn-gree-dee-uh nt]

1. Something on the list of ingredients on the food label of packaged or processed food that a person WOULD NOT add to the recipe if they were making it at home.

2. An unhealthy added ingredient.

I looked on the bread label to find out what I needed to make a loaf at home. It was full of ungredients like soy lecithin and azodicarbonamide.

As you all know by now, I am not a food nazi per-se. Now that I have lost a significant amount of weight I tend to live by the 80/20 (maybe even closer to 85/15) rule of eating. I have overcome my food addiction and I really try to “eat clean.”  However, the more I learn about the food industry (thanks Netflix for all of the great and disgusting documentaries) the more I want to eat more locally grown and sourced foods and limit as much as possible the amount of processed “food” and additives and preservatives.


Help me spread the word about “ungredients.”  Use it as a hashtag in your social media platforms. Let’s make it a common word in our vocabulary. Let’s teach our children to avoid ungredients and to embrace true, real food.

The revolution has already been started.  Join the cause.

“Food” is poison. Food is life giving. Don’t poison yourself. Heal yourself.

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