Week One Recap

Well 10 pounds in the first week felt great.  I mean it really helped get me pumped up even more. I am feeling really motivated and psychologically on fire.  I will post in a few days about one of my most serious attempts to lose weight in the past and how it ultimately failed.  It had almost everything to do with my mental state.  I do realize that there will come in a point in the (near) future where I will most likely hit a wall, but I am in such a different place mentally this time.  I feel unstoppable.

This is not considered exercise.

Here is a short recap on what I did for the past week that led to a 10 pound loss. Remeber that I am not doing “calendar” weeks, but rather Thurs to Wed with weigh-in on Thurs mornings…

  • 5/5 – I consumed 1690 calories and I exercised for 30 minutes while burning (apprx) 288 calories
  • 5/6 – I consumed 1725 calories w/ no exercise
  • 5/7- I consumed 1350 calories and I exercised for 30 minutes while burning (apprx) 303 calories
  • 5/8- I consumed 1500 calories w/ no  exercise
  • 5/9- I consumed 1630 calories and I exercised for 30 minutes while burning (apprx) 317 calories
  • 5/10- I consumed 1563 calories and I exercised for 30 minutes while burning (apprx) 310 calories
  • 5/11- I consumed 1719 calories w/ no  exercise

After looking back I see that I was borderline unhealthy in my calorie consumption.  My goal is 1900 calories per day until I get into more of a routine with exercise and have lost some weight.  1900 calories per day will still see me losing weight.  I will be making adjustments in my consumption to make sure that I am eating enough.  Any thoughts from health experts out there?

Also I am trying to make sure to eat lots of protein and high fiber foods.  AND LOTSA LOTSA WATER. I will post an actual food diary in a little bit for anyone who might be interested in seeing exactly what I am eating.


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  • 1900cal is perfect because you (like everyone else) are probably under valuing the calories you eat and over valuing the calories you burn by around 20%. In reality you’re probably eating around 2100. It’s not an exact goal you have to hit anyway, just a target to aim for…perfectly fine to be a little over/under from day to day.

    That butter squeeze bottle in the pic is awesome. You think he squeezes it on the corn or directly in his mouth?

    • hank

      Kris, my long lost Yeti brother. I agree and that is why I am going with the 1900 calorie goal instead of 21 or 22. Getting in the routine is more important than the exact number! Thanks for the words. I tried to leave a comment on your blog today, but something is going on with Blogger. I did put your site in Google reader though! I look forward to following the progress and giving encouragement. Peace!

  • kristen

    Try to eat your carbs in the AM, and no carbs at night. If you eat soup before a meal, you consume less calories in the overall meal bc your body feels more full. I would actually avoid nuts bc they are high calorie and fat (albeit good fat) and don’t make you feel satisfied. But smaller healthy snacks throughout the day is a point well made. Good luck!!!

    • hank

      Thanks Kristen!
      I plan to come check out your jiu-jitsu class once I feel like I am at a weight where I can roll with folks and not crush them! Where are you training again? I have actually been talking to the guys at AFF Rigan Machado in Mount P.

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