Alan Ali – Triathlete


I made a promise to a friend about a year ago.

My friend Alan has been on an incredible weight loss journey over the past couple of years.  He has lost around 150 pounds and I think that he will tell you that he

Fat Surfing


If you will remember from my Year of the Snake post, I told you that I am going surfing in Costa Rica in March. That trip is only 16 days away now! My beard is tingling just thinking about it.

Now you will

Sleep Better

Raise your hand if you are overweight and you have trouble sleeping.

I count at least 11 people raising their hands.

Sleep apnea is a major problem for overweight folks. That is that thing where you stop breathing while you are asleep. You

Active Parents Equal Active Children


I am categorizing this post as Weight Loss Motivation because if you have children, then providing them with a better life should be the ultimate motivation for you to lose weight.

One of the first posts that I ever wrote on this blog was about how

Going for Gold


I had said in my last post that I had some thoughts swirling in my noggin. I am here to put fingers to keyboard.

Let me first say this. I just watched a man who had no legs run a race (Oscar Pistorious in

Challenging ShayCarl to a Mud Run


Most of you are like, “Who the hell is this Shay Carl character anyway?”

It doesn’t matter. But let me tell you why it matters.

Shay is one of the most subscribed to people on YouTube. He has several channels but the one that

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The Rugged Hunger Games


“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” 

I apologize for my online absence as of late folks, but I have have good reason. I have had some heaviness laid on me this week that I am just starting

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Setting Lofty Goals


This post was something that was brewing in my head for a long time, but it was pushed to the head of the line when I read this tweet by @stacixmarie  – “I set really high goals and expectations… But every once in a

What I Learned From Gold Rush


If you have never seen the television show Gold Rush then this post will NOT make a whole lot of sense to you. If you ARE familiar, however, you should be pleased with the content of this post. I accept all forms of flattery

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Standing on The Precipice


This is a post for those of you who are wanting to start your journey. You may be standing on the edge, looking out over the unknown abyss, and you may be scared. I am here to tell you that it is ok. Leap.

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