What’s the Big Deal?

This is another one of those confession posts. Bear with me as I bare my soul. You guys love it (I think). 

So I have been thinking about a few things since posting my YouTube Justice video this past week. And now it is time for me to lay some more truth on you.

I think I know why it is weighing on me so hard. The weight loss plateau that is. I have this huge fear that my body is NOT going to allow me to lose 100 pounds. NOW let me tell you why that is a fear for me.

Ok, here it comes.

How will I ever be a successful weight loss blogger if I don’t lose 100 pounds?

This is where you laugh and say “What?”

I started this weight loss journey for my health. But I also had some underlying motives that I may not have really put out there just yet.

I have a knack for making things work. It has something to do with a) the drive that I have to be successful plus b) the lengths I go to reach that success.

I DO NOT like to fail.

Weight loss is something that a lot of people would say I already have succeeded at, but there is more to it, in my mind, than JUST losing the weight. I WANT to be a successful weight loss BLOGGER too.  And I just do not think that my story will be as impressive if I do not lose 100 pounds or more.

I sorta wanna be a big deal on the interwebz.

There it is folks. Do you hate me now?

Ha! How could you hate this face?

I had actually started a post a few weeks back called “Successful at Losing Weight vs Successful Weight Loss  Blogger…” It was going to deal with which was more important to me.  This post just started flowing out of me tonight so I will go back and delete that one.

There is no doubt in my mind that the ultimate goal of this whole journey is to get to a healthy weight and to continue to live the healthy lifestyle, that gets me to that healthy weight, for the rest of my life.

But dammit, I want people to know who I am as well. I want to have a great story to go with the weight loss. And I feel that it won’t happen if I can’t break the century mark.

BUT guess what folks… That is part of the weird irrational thinking I have been having for the past couple of weeks. Wow, I am a weirdo. I do know that it doesn’t matter if I don’t lose 100 pounds. I realize that my story HAS inspired people. I got an email and a comment from two different readers just this week saying that my blog was an inspiration to them and that they wanted to get healthy. Regardless of how many Twitter followers I have or blog subscribers I have, I am succeeding at losing weight and getting healthy, and the people who matter are seeing it. The people who matter ARE NOT the media outlets looking for a story nor are they the brand products looking to endorse.

The people who matter are YOU. I thank you for that.

(By the way. I WILL lose over 100 pounds. But it WON’T be because I want my story to be better. My story will only be icing on the cake.)

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